• Painting Styles
    Regular Finish
    Textured painting
    Van Gogh's brushstroke
    Photo luminescent paint
  • Types of tile

    We paint any design on any type and size of tile:

    Traditional Red body tile: conventional tile recommended for indoors or outdoors without sudden changes in temperature, extreme climates neither very low temperature.

    Rustic tile: tiles with irregular edges which gives it an old and special character.
    Porcelain Tile: by its strength and porosity, it is the best solution for outdoors, extreme climates, and applications under water or in permanent contact with it.

    Hand Made Tile: if you want a more traditional touch yet, we can make the ceramic tile base manually, how it was formerly.  
    Color Tile: not only painted on the conventional white tile. If you want a picture painted over a solid color tile, check this box.  

    In addition, if you want your mural painted on the same model of tile that you will use for the rest of the tiling, you can send us the necessary tile pieces, therefore the wall tiles are all aligned, all the same size, thickness and features and your mural will be perfectly integrated in the atmosphere.

    The most common tile mural sizes are (cm) 10 x 10, 15 x 15, 20 x 15, 20 x 20, 20 x 30, 30 x 30, 25 x 40 and 31 x 45. Contact us for other available sizes.

    If you want that your mural has a different and special shape can cut the tile to the desired shape. Just tick the box when you request the quote.
  • Process
    100% Handmade

    All of our tile murals are fully painted by hand, handmade one by one, without any industrial process. Each mural is unique.
    Every tile piece receives a glaze bath by hand, always with the necessary mixture of glaze and adapting the process to the specific requirements of each job.

    The tile is painted with ceramic colorants oxides, applied through fully crafted brushes, and traditional techniques.

    Once painted and dried, the ceramic is fired. Firing is one of the most important stages in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles. Artelux is using both gas and electric kilns.

    In the process of firing, we distinguish two phases: firing the tile body and the glaze firing. Also the firing process is being controlled manually.


    Firing the tile

    This is the first stage, when transforming the clay into stable ceramics. Tile pieces must be dry enough, before they go into the kiln. If the tile pieces are particularly large, the kiln must be preheated, to make sure there is no moisture in the material. Excessively high water content would cause the tiles to crack or break.

    Glaze firing

    The glaze firing is following the stages of first tile firing and enameled. The firing temperature is determined by the raw materials.
    Ceramic colors on painting stage do not show the true permanent colors.

    During firing, paints bring out their final color, significantly different from the color showed during the painting phase. Our painters have a long experience and know perfectly what pigments must use so once fired, the piece will bring out the correct desired final color.

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